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Pastor's Weekly Message
August 27, 2014 PDF Print E-mail

Hello Friends:

We got Amanda off to college on Sunday and she starts classes tomorrow.  Thanks for all of your good wishes and support.  Now I can experience the feelings that parents are going through as they drop their offspring on our Dinkytown doorstep hoping that we can be a part of their education, not only as students, but as young adults trying to get a sense of the world and assessing their role in it all.  First year students are arriving and are immersed in Welcome Week activities.  New apartments in Dinkytown open their doors later this week.  The energy is palpable.

This Sunday, I will preach the last of the Grab Bag sermons.  The topic pulled from the bag on Sunday said, “I would like to hear a sermon on being judgmental; how to forgive and accept.”  That’s at least three sermons.  Judgmentalism is often bad, especially when it is laced with self-righteousness. Self-righteous judgmentalists are some of the most annoying people to be around.  And when they cloak it in religious garb it can be downright soul-sucking.  I wonder if people stay away from church because they don’t want to be around so many judgmental hypocrites.  In our judgment, we stay home, knowing that we are better than those judgmental hypocrites in church.  I’m going to look at Matthew 7:1-5.  Jesus says in the Sermon on the Mount that we are not to judge.  He then goes on to criticize those of us who consider the speck in someone else’s eye while ignoring the log in our own.  How are we on acceptance and forgiveness?  Lot’s to think about. I welcome your input.  Karen Swenson will be the worship leader.

After church on Sunday (and after lunch), some of us will gather on the lawn with instruments to have a jam session. We’ll start playing at 1:30 and stop when our fingers and voices get tired. This is an informal way to make our presence known to the incoming students and neighbors.  

This Friday is our opportunity to serve meals at Loaves and Fishes (21st and Clinton in Minneapolis.  We especially need servers between 5:15 and 6:30pm and clean-up until 7.  If you can help, please contact Steve Lee at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We are getting geared up for our visit from five members of our sister church in Leon, Nicaragua. We have been singing in Spanish, trying out a few phrases here and there.  We have tickets to a Twins game on Saturday night the 6th.  If you want to attend, please call the church office or sign up in the lounge. Talk to Deidre Druk if you can help with transportation or a meal.  And, of course, plan on attending the UBC retreat on September 12 and 13.  Sign-up forms will be in Sunday’s bulletin and you can also register by calling the church office at 612-331-1768. Please make your reservations by this weekend.

This Week:
Wednesday: 6pm Choir picnic at the home of Laura Potratz;
Thursday: 1-5 Garden Team;
Friday: 3-7pm Loaves and Fishes;
Sunday:10am Worship;
11am Refreshments;
1:30pm Jam session on the church lawn.

Blessings and Peace,

Doug Donley