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Pastor's Weekly Message
September 29, 2014 PDF Print E-mail

Hello Friends:

It’s amazing how much damage one person can do.  On Friday morning, a disgruntled employee set a fire in the bottom floors of a control tower that serviced Ohare and Midway airports.  While the fire was put out, the suspect apprehended and saved from life-threatening injuries, both airports were shut down for several hours on Friday.  This sent a cascading set of cancellations and delays throughout the airline system that delayed or cancelled planned trips.  Several people were not able to attend the Rochester/Genesee Regional meeting over the weekend.  And those of us who did get there had trouble getting back.  I had three flights cancelled and managed to get back into town just in time for the worship service on Sunday.  Oddly, the first piece of bell music I played with the bell choir that morning was entitled “My Lord, What a Morning”.  It got me thinking that if one person set in motion a lot of destruction and angst, couldn’t one person also set in motion hope, community and compassion?  That’s what we find in the story of Jesus.  It’s also in the stories that we share.  And think about this: if dozens of courageous people set in motion a positive and life-giving agenda, what kind of difference can that make?  We are called to be a part of that subversive and audacious agenda.  That's what the church is for.

Tonight, we continue our book study on Reza Aslan’s recent book entitled “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth”.  We’ll again gather this evening at 6:30pm with a simple dinner of soup, bread and salad.  We’ll discuss the 4th  thru 6th chapters.

This weekend, the Vikings are out of town, but the Twin Cities Marathon will be happening.  If you live near the route, please prepare for road closures and possibly finding other routes.

The first Sunday in October is celebrated as World Communion Sunday. On this Sunday, we will consider the story of Perpetua the young woman who was courageous and also deemed a threat to the powers that be. Her diary gives a detailed account of her courageous defense of faith and her eventual martyrdom. Her community celebrated communion with cheese in North Africa. Gayla Marty, who recently visited Tunisia and Perpetua’s grave will deliver Sunday’s sermon.  Kathleen Tice will be the worship leader and the UBC chorale will sing a piece from Mendelssohn’s Psalm 42 for male choir and soprano solo. We’ll also present the region-wide Shalom Award to Don and Char Follett.

This Week:
Monday: 6:30pm “Zealot” study in the lounge (with dinner);
Tuesday: 5:30-7:30pm Sacred Harp
Wednesday: 6pm Choir rehearsal, 7:30pm Bell choir rehearsal;
Thursday: 1-5 Garden Team;
Sunday:10am Worship;
11am refreshments;
11:30am Sunday School, forum: Gayla Marty’s trip to Tunisia;
12:30pm Worship Planning Team.

Blessings and Peace,

Doug Donley