Friday, 19 September 2014 00:00

Monthly Mission Offering

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The April Mission Offering goes to The Alliance of Baptists. The Alliance of Baptists is a group of progressive Baptist churches and individuals, “a vibrant movement of people, faith communities and ministry partners who are deeply passionate about ecumenism, partnership in mission, relentless hospitality and social justice." Founded in 1987, and now with over 3,000 individual members, 150 endorsed chaplains and pastoral counselors, 33 local and global ministry partners, 2 theology schools and 140 partner congregations, the Alliance is avowedly welcoming and affirming of all people. Basic support of our affiliation with the Alliance is included in UBC's annual budget. However we also make a separate contribution to the mission outreach efforts of the Alliance, which they call "Bridges of Hope", through this special mission offering. Most of their outreach is through ministry partners, including more than 30 organizations in the USA and abroad, from the Baptist Convention of Zimbabwe and Al Ahkawayn University of Morocco to the Seeds of Hope Publishers in Waco, TX and the Rauschenbusch Urban Ministries of New York City. Let's help support the mission outreach of the Alliance of Baptists.  Please use the plain envelopes in the pew racks for your donations. To lean more about the Alliance of Baptists, please visit