Tuesday, 05 August 2014 00:00

This Week at UBC

Hello Friends:

As people gear up for Saturday’s March for our Lives in Washington DC and its local alternatives, news reports tell of yet another school shooting.  Diligent students met at the capital yesterday but were unable to sway legislators to have hearings on sensible gun control measures.  How many more shootings do people need to endure before our elected officials take meaningful action.  Elections have consequences.  So does inaction on the part of those presently in office.  I applaud the students who have jumped into the fray and are pushing us to be more just and safe as a state and nation.

It’s officially spring in Minnesota, complete with a dusting of snow.  Last year at this time we experienced an extremely early spring.  This year is more normal for us, but the people on the east coast are experiencing another nor’easter.  We live in a crazy climate time.  At our house, we’ve made almost eight gallons of maple syrup so far. We’ll probably be boiling again next Monday.  Help us eat all of this syrup and revel in the slow change of season.

This weekend is Palm Sunday.  At UBC, that means that we begin our service in the Adele Fadden Assembly Room with a potluck brunch.  After we have eaten, we will take our palms and process outside and into the sanctuary where we will conclude our worship service.  While in the sanctuary, we will celebrate the dedication of Andrew Justin and his parents Ben and Laura.  The choir will premiere a song written just for Andrew. Kathleen Tice will be the worship leader.  My sermon is entitled “Glory.” We find the familiar Palm Sunday procession scripture in John 12:12-16.  The people sing “Hosannah”.  It’s a glorious event. But John talks about the real glory happening at the cross.  Not the procession or the resurrection, but the cross. How do we hold these visions of glory in tension?  The pomp and circumstance of Palm Sunday leads to the cross—something we’d just as soon avoid.  Do we glorify either of these events too much?  Think about that this week.

It takes a village to make Palm Sunday work.  We will need people to bring food and help with set-up and cleanup.  If you need to know what to bring, or when to volunteer, just call the church office.  The set-up will take place on Saturday morning from 10am-noon. 

On Saturday, Steven Schmidgall has invited us to his annual “Shameless Gospel Sing”.  It’s part celebration of his birthday and his late father, and part full-throated Gospel singing. While it happens in room 303, it’s not a Sacred Harp singing. It’s an old-time Gospel sing with familiar tunes and a birthday cake.  It starts at noon and ends at 3pm. 

The official songbook is Great Inspirational Songs, published by the Brumley Company.  Loaners will be available. Please feel free to bring copies of other gospel songs.  If you have just one copy, I know where the copy machine is. We've had over 40 singers last few years! Free parking is available next door in the LDS parking lot.  Please park only in the spaces that are not "reserved".

This Week:

Tuesday: 5:30pm Sacred Harp,

Wednesday: 5:45-7:15pm UBC Chorale, 7:30-9pm UBC Carillon Bell Choir rehearsal,

Thursday: 6-8pm Gospel According Kermit rehearsal,

Saturday: 10am Palm Sunday brunch set-up, 12pm Shameless Gospel Sing,

Sunday:10am Palm Sunday Worship Service (starting with brunch in the Adele Fadden Assembly Room),

 11am refreshments,

 5-7pm Sacred Harp.


Blessings and Peace,

Doug Donley