Welcome to UBC

Welcome to University Baptist Church (UBC), adjacent to the University of Minnesota in historic Dinkytown. Throughout this website and at UBC, you will be able to see our intentional focus on inclusion, justice-seeking and peace-making.  We are intrigued and captured by the challenge and whimsey of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and seek to live out this Good News in our individual and collective lives.

Our mission at UBC is:

  • to be a loving and inclusive community
  • seeking faith, joy and action
  • nurtured by the biblical traditions, the teachings of Christ, and God's continuing revelation.

For more information about UBC or anything on this website, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The next Global Baptist Peace Conference is happening from 15-20 July 2019 in Cali, Colombia! https://www.globalbaptistpeace2019.org


The SE Library has closed for a year’s worth of renovations.  That means that we will not be able to park in that lot until the construction is completed.