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Welcome to University Baptist Church (UBC), adjacent to the University of Minnesota in historic Dinkytown. Throughout this website and at UBC, you will be able to see our intentional focus on inclusion, justice-seeking and peace-making.  We are intrigued and captured by the challenge and whimsey of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and seek to live out this Good News in our individual and collective lives.

Our mission at UBC is to be a loving and inclusive community seeking faith, joy and action nurtured by the biblical traditions, the teachings of Christ, and God's continuing revelation.

Until further notice, UBC's Sunday services will be available online:

UBC Joys and Concerns / Worship are held on zoom with each meeting ID sent out in the weekly email. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be added to the email list. (9:00 Joys and Concerns; 10:00 worship). Sunday services will also be on Facebook Live. View the livestream on the UBC Facebook page every Sunday.  Click here to view this Sunday's bulletin. 



2020/21 UBC Worship Theme:
“Repairing the Breach/ Restoring the Streets”
Isaiah 58:12

In this tumultuous time, where do we look for healing?  Do we look to doctors? Epidemiologists? Infectious disease experts? Recovery communities? Politicians? Religious leaders? A trusted friend or family member? All of the above? None of the above? 

The Bible is chock full of healing stories. Some of them can seem trite and fanciful. But they almost always pointed to something bigger than actual physical curing of an ailment. Someone being ‘sick’ in Biblical days meant that they were cut off from community, shunned for fear of infection, or worse a sinner in need of repentance.  Whenever Jesus healed someone, he not only attended to their physical health, but turned his gaze at a community that had let this happen, that had made them ‘other’, that had ostracized them. Today, as in days of yore, any responsible talk of healing needs to address the brokenness of our collective community.  Someone’s individual sickness can be a symptom of a societal breakdown. How can we not see the connection between systemic racism and COVID19 deaths among the BIPOC communities?

Isaiah 58:12 says that we should be repairers of the breach and restorers of streets to live in. But we can’t repair the breach until we have exposed it. In the months leading up the election, we are going to take an in-depth look at our world and the need for healing. Isaiah 58 will be our companion as we imagine what a faithful world might look like.

In November, we will look at some healing stories from Jesus and see how we can continue the healing work regardless of the election outcomes.

In Advent, we will look at some of the 365 times in the Bible where we are told to not be afraid.

All services will be streamed online. Hopefully, we will be consistently meeting in person before the end of the year, assuming it is safe to do so.

September 6 “You Know What Time It Is” Romans 13:8-14
September 13 “Repairing the Breach, Restoring the Streets” Isaiah 58
September 20 “Shouting Out” Isaiah 58:1-2
September 27 “Does God Notice?” Isaiah 58:3-5
October 4 “True Worship and Practice” Isaiah 58:6-9a
October 11 “If and Then” Isaiah 58b-11
October 18 “Rebuilding and Restoring” Isaiah 58:12
October 25 “Honorable Work’ Isaiah 58:13-14
November 1 (All Saints) “Mourning and Dancing” Psalm 30
November 8 “A Time to Heal” Ecclesiastes 3:3
November 15 “Power and Authority” Luke 4:31-41
November 22 “Health Care” Luke 5:21-26
November 29 (ADVENT I) “Fear Not Zechariah” Luke 1:8-17
December 6 (ADVENT II) “Fear Not Joseph” Matthew 1:18-20
December 13 (ADVENT III) “Fear Not Mary” Luke 1:26-38
December 20 (ADVENT IV) “Fear Not My People” Luke 12:1-12
December 24 (Christmas Eve)
December 27 (Carol sing)

We hope to see you virtually or in person as we seek to be repairers of the breach and restorers
of streets.

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